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Welcome to Baylor Cru

Here at Cru we value living out the gospel of Jesus, in community, and on mission at Baylor.

We lead some excellent small group bible studies and host lots of great events, retreats, conferences, and summer mission opportunities.


Join a Gospel Community

In Cru we value the gospel and being on mission and we find that both of those are most typically lived out in community. Check out our Get Connected page for more information about our dorm small groups.

Come to an upcoming event

Those of us that are a part of Cru don’t just love Jesus, we also love fun. We try to live this out on a regular basis. Check out our Instagram for all the fun events we have coming up!

Explore Summer Missions

Want to grow in your relationship with the Lord more than you ever have before? Want to travel overseas? Want to see God use you to change people’s lives? Want to do something extraordinary this summer? Check out our summer mission opportunities.

Sign up for Winter Conference

Winter Conference is the best thing you will do over your winter break! Overly bold claim? We think not. Come out for five days of biblical teaching and time with friends, all at an awesome hotel! Register online now!



The Gospel is a message. It is the good news that God has acted in history to conquer evil and reconcile sinners to himself through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Cru is a gospel-centered movement where the gospel is proclaimed clearly, consistently, and compellingly.


As the gospel shapes us, we are not just changed individually but are adopted into God’s family. Cru is a place where we live out the Gospel together in community. It is in the context of community that God is continually reforming and renewing us by the power of the gospel.


The gospel not only reconciles us to God and ushers us into community, it is also a call to action. We are not only shown mercy in that through Jesus we get to be reconciled to God, but we are also shown grace in that we get to be a part of God’s redemptive work in other people’s lives. In Cru, we value making Christ and his gospel known to others at Baylor and around the world.

win the campus today

change the world tomorrow

A person's life is his most precious possession. Consequently, to rob him of it is the greatest sin we can commit against him, while to give one’s own life on his behalf is the greatest possible expression of love for him. This, then, is the ultimate contrast: Cain’s hatred issued in murder, Christ's love issued in self-sacrifice. - John Stott